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Picture Perfect

By Whatyoufancy @whatufancy

I’ve always been in awe of people who can take a good photo, it must be such a satisfying talent to have. If I’m able to make a New Year’s resolution this early on (the Christmas Bublé has already had an airing, so as far as I’m concerned it’s festive full steam ahead), it’s to learn the art of photography and how to edit images. One man whose talent knows no bounds is Max Wanger who, as well as lifestyle and fashion photos, takes some breathtaking reportage wedding shots. Not that I should really call them ‘shots’… ‘artwork’ is far more apt. One technique that Max is especially skilled at is his use of negative space. The subject takes up a minute part of the overall image, which makes for some truly beautiful and dramatic results. I’m particularly in love with the first picture, so the fact that it’s available from his online store makes me extremely happy. What are your thoughts on negative space in photography?
picture perfect
{images via Max Wanger}

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