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Pasta Con Alici (anchovies)- Dani's Way

By Brii
relaxing 13 jan 2011
this morning, looking out of my bedroom window the whole world was grey.
hm, where was the sun promised
 I've been looking on weather forecasts everyday and was sure that I've seen the figure of a sun on todays forecast!
 well, it really doesn't matter, this morning we (Monica, Dani and I) had agreed to do some quick trekking along the lake. of course, with sun, blue sky and white clouds everything would look much better, but it was very nice any way.
blue water-blue sky 13 jan 2011
the lake was very calm, and had a deep blue color, almost the same as the sky above.
looking towards Torri on the other side of beautiful San Vigilio promontory, you could see it was lighter then on this side, and both Monica and Dani said that above Garda - in Costermano and Marciaga the sun was shining. immediately all three of thought..Monte Baldo!
but for this time the lake side walk would have to do.
bardolino in the sun 13 jan  2011
it is a rather quick walk, forward and back in little more than 2hours.
takes longer if you stop to drink cappuccino in Cisano (and we always do :-D)
all together it is about 14km.
the sun is coming 13 jan 2011
and when we reached Garda again, the sun was struggling to get through the fog and for some moments it looked it would win the fight, but then the fog was stronger and slowly closed the whole the sun had tried so hard to do.
Pasta con Alici (anchovies)  - Dani's way
this pasta is an idea of my friend Daniela, I told her and Monica about the misadventure
I have had with a new dish I've tried.
warm salad of chickpeas  with Alici (anchovies). (I wanted to do something for Simona, who's hosting MLLA) it came out very good, but it was late so I put the plate in the oven (off) so I could make a photo the next day.
during the night, Giulia or Ilaria (I suspect of Ilaria, she has longer legs!) two of our 6 cats, jumped from the kitchen counter and opened the oven door and eating it all!!! even the chickpeas!!! can you imagine?
anyway, while the chickpeas was swelling again, I tried Daniela's recipe!
very very good!!! thank's Daniiiiiiii!!! :-***
pasta con alici(anchovies) - Dani's way
you need:
300gr of alici (fresh or marinated, mine were marinated)*
1 clove of garlic
extra vergin olive oil
breadcrumbs (home made of course ;) )
ca 400gr of spaghetti
pasta con alici(anchovies) - Dani's way
put water for the pasta to boil.
in a pan heat up the oil and add the peeled garlic clove.
pay attention it doesn't burn.
lower the heat and the alici, put aside some for decoration.
let the alici almost melt then put aside. when the pasta is cooked**, strain it and put in the pan with the alici. heat up quickly, add the breadcrumbs*** and toss the pasta thoroughly
serve immediately decorated with the alici put aside.
pasta con alici(anchovies) - Dani's way
* mine alici were marinated in vinegar and herbs. I washed them quickly and carefully before using them.
** I usually strain 2-min before finish time. I like the pasta very "al dente", put in this case (and always when you add the pasta with sauces, because in the pan the pasta keep cooking), it is better do so, so you want find a softish pasta in you plate.
*** I used  home made breadcrumbs with aromatic herbs.

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