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Pancakes 'n Chai

By Chocolateandoranges
I've been wanting to make it out to brunch at a new(ish) place in Denver called Rootdown for awhile now so this morning I ate a light breakfast to tide me over, went for my walk and headed down- it was actually more like lunch time by the time I made it there, but it still counts as brunch as far as I'm concerned. :)
Rootdown uses local foods where possible and had a really great fun atmosphere.  I was starving and didn't want to wait for a table since it was fairly busy when I got there- so I had a seat at the bar.
I started with a Bhatki chai with soy milk.  Bhatki is high quality micro-brewed chai tea made right here in Boulder; it's served at a lot of the coffee shops around the area.   I'd had samples before since they have a table set up in my local Whole Foods fairly often but this was my first full cup.  I was definitely impressed- super spicy (even more so than most of the chai's I've had) and satisfying.
pancakes 'n chai
My cup of chai was followed up by the lemon-ricotta and poppyseed pancakes with lingonberry syrup and a fruit cup.  These tasted great (the ricotta made them super creamy) and the lingonberry was a fun alternative to regular maple syrup.  However, I thought the presentation was a little boring - the people near me had egg dishes that looked much more appetizing.  Also, I would have liked to see more fruit (or something else) and less pancake.  There were three huge pancakes and it was just too heavy.  Having said all that, they tasted good enough that I wouldn't let the shortfalls stop me from ordering them again!
pancakes 'n chai
I have a friend that lives near the restaurant that wasn't table to check it out with me today but would like to try it- so I think I'll be back for happy hour and/or dinner in the near future!

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