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Paddling in School is Not OK

By Slattenk
I recently learned that there are still 20 states that allow corporal punishment in schools. According to a New York Times article, when Tyler Anastopoulos skipped detention he was spanked by the assistant principal.
Tyler, an 11th grader from Wichita Falls, was sent to the assistant principal and given three swift swats to the backside with a paddle, recalled Angie Herring, his mother. The blows were so severe that they caused deep bruises, and Tyler wound up in the hospital, Ms. Herring said.

I would be irate if my children were hit by school personnel! There are so many better ways to deal with student’s behavior. School leaders have an obligation to learn these more effective approaches.
One effective approach is Dr. Ross Greene’s Collaborative Problem Solving. According to their website "Lives in the Balance has a dual mission: to advocate on behalf of behaviorally challenging kids and their parents, teachers, and other caregivers... and to provide free, web-based resources to help people understand and help these kids in ways that are more compassionate, accurate, and productive."
There are better ways to deal with children's challenging behavior. The information is freely available. It's time for all school personnel to learn approaches that are both respectful and effective!
Paddling in School is Not OK

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