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Only the Good Die Young

By Nicelise
The past two weeks have, more than ever, showed me truly how short life is.
I have been following the tragedy in Tuscon and my thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victim's and their families, I found out some more tragic news that hit a little closer to home earlier this week.
A fellow middle school and high school student of mine was shot and killed in his off-campus home in Maryland. While police have mentioned that it appeared to be drug-related, my former classmate was acing many of his college classes and working as a teaching assistant.
As a 20something, I know that the idea of longevity and invincibility live proudly in the back of my mind. We all assume we'll live into old age and die peacefully in our sleep. It may be naive or just optimist in me that I don't think "today could very well be my last day" as I eat my breakfast every morning.
The news of my former classmate left me in shock. Just like you don't think "today could be my last day," you also don't think "today could be his/her last day." You don't expect to hear that your 20something classmate that gave you your first kiss in middle school was murdered. You don't expect to hear that someone at the same young age as yourself is no longer here.
I know many people remind themselves that this could be their last day as a motivation to take risks and live their life to fullest, but quite frankly the thought scares me. I don't want to think about dying, leaving my family, never getting married or having a family of my own, never having the chance to travel and really see the world, or never growing old.
Whether it is naive or immature of me, I just don't want to think those thoughts. But, when you hear the news that many heard about the shooting in Arizona or the loss of a young friend, you can't help but be reminded that the possibilities of the thoughts you want to deny can be very real one day.
xoxo Nickie

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