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Once Upon A Time

By Fashionrhapsody @fashionrhapsody
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time Shoes: Dr Martens (Wollasten Doc shop), Jeans: BDG, Jacket: Topshop, Jumper: Topshop, Beanie: Zara

I'm going to tell you how I got a pair of £255 goldDrMartens for £35, that were destined for cirque du soleil to wear whilst dancing for Madonna at the super bowl inAmerica!

I went on a tour of the Dr Marten factory inWollastonabout 6/7 months ago,because I'm sad and have no friendsbecause Dr Martens are my favorite type of shoes, and I was interested to see how they were made. Whilst on the tour I saw a guy cutting out some pieces of gold leather, I asked the manager of the factory about them and he said that they had just finished an order of 12 gold boots for cirque du soleil to wear whilst dancing for Madonna at the super-bowl  I asked him how much they would be to buy and he replied £255. I think you can imagine my reaction. If not here is a highly scientific diagram that was created by Dr Roseusing MS paint.
Once Upon A TimeAnyway after a couple of months of therapy, I returned to the Doc Shop like an alcoholic that had just fallen of thewagon,hit there head and rolled into the cheap wine aisle ofTesco. They were the first things I saw, it was like in movies when two people run in slow motion towards each other, either that or there was something different about the mushrooms I had for breakfast. After some deep breaths and prayers, I looked at the price tag, and they were £35!!I tried them on and they fit perfectly, I looked in the tongue and they had been marked 5/12 meaning that they were thefifthpair to have been made for cirque du soleil, there must have been something wrong with them for them to end up in the shop but I can’t see anything that isn't perfect, but then they do say that love is blind.
Rose xo 
warning: this post is based on a true story but may have been dramatised for the purposes of entertainment.

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