Destinations Magazine

On the Hudson

By Elizabethwix

Contrary to what the flag suggests, this is not Greece (ha!) but Chelsea Piers.
On the Hudson
It is extremely, bluely, cold.
On the Hudson
The golf range looks abandoned, and I dread to think what temperature the water is.
On the Hudson
I come upon rather a jolly crew, and ask if I can take their picture.Hint: Pretend to be a tourist. Tourists take pictures of anything -- no questions asked.I wonder what these guy are doing. They say: fishing.
On the Hudson
"You should wait 'til the diver comes up! ...or what we call bait!"Much laughter ensues.
On the Hudson
Glug, glug, glug. Ice, debris and who knows what else........
On the Hudson
But, lo and behold !.....
On the Hudson
The diver emerges in his deep-sea diving suit....
On the Hudson
And waves quite merrily at me.

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