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Offices Vary, This Stays

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
Across professions, people, organizations and generations, there are some things that always remain the same no matter which workplace you head to. 
  • The water cooler gossip - the most important area where all the news would originate, and then circulate. Be it a fresh spat your coworker has had, or a new policy which is coming in soon, Water cooler is the perfect place to keep your information up to date.
  • Bunch of fresher girls for the year - most of whom will have a brand new wardrobe. They would be younger, fitter, chirpier, sweeter. Of course, the world is yet to dampen their energy.
  • A posh old man with an air of authority about him - usually a senior guy in the area, who has grown up the ladder and stuck for a while. Everyone respects him. He is quiet, and reserved. Each time he is seen around, people adjust themselves, and sober up.
  • Brand posters that don the pillars and walls - of course, every workplace, big and small has brand posters, about the capabilities, processes, values, their products, the brand - it is an endless list. 
  • One super hot woman the whole office eyes - who would dress very sharp, have perfect makeup and would around clanking her heels. Yeah?
  • A noisy team that will always make much ado about nothing. Most likely the one who has the most easy work to resource ratio.

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