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Observation Then Communication

By Jay Montgomery @jaymontgomery

Just having fun with a demo for my Materials and Techniques II class. The assignment was to basically due a grisaille painting either in charcoal or acrylic then color it with oil paints. The subject is Robots.

Observation then Communication
pencil sketch

Observation then Communication
Color study in Photoshop

Observation then Communication
Transferred pencil to lauan board painted with gray gesso.

Observation then Communication
Charcoal grisaille using white and black on gray.
Decided to create a paisley type jacket for added interest.

Observation then Communication
Used a squiggly line with a charcoal pencil to create the background.
Then painted white for the rainbow shape coming out of the mouth.
This represents smooth and natural communication.

Observation then Communication
I did not like the squiggly lines since they would compete with the other colors and textures.
Plus it was not consistent with the rest of the rendering.

The color is coming next. Stay tuned!


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