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Nutella Banana Mini Muffins

By Greengirl @GrinGarl
Nutella Banana Mini Muffins
Wednesday = MOPS meeting = Roxana's baking 
These grab and go muffins are so pretty, the perfect size sweet treat for chit-chatting moms.
Yesterday while enjoying my afternoon tea was browsing for some (not overly) sweet treats or snacks so I can take to the meeting this morning. I did found a recipe for sweet and savory muffins (not going to provide a link) and my heart just skipped a beat. The photos were so amazing I was close to print them out and eat the paper, maybe that would calm down my sweet tooth. No time to waste, had to make those. The recipe was calling for 24 regular size muffins, perfect. Since I only have one 12 cupcake pan I divided the recipe and thought by the time the first batch bakes I mix the second and depending on how many disappear maybe even have a 3rd batch. Was definitely easier said than done. Although I'm 99% sure i did measure the ingredients correctly the result made me burst into tears. (needless to say the second batch turned out the same)Nutella Banana Mini MuffinsAfter I pulled myself together I knew I had to bake something from a sure thing blog. I remembered my friend Nancy had a Nutella Banana Bread which I planned to bake this coming weekend so I can enjoy without sharing with other ~20 persons. (hope no MOPS mom is reading this) 
In less than 5 minutes the batter was done, oven was already heated. Time to bake. Since I did not want to make a bread I thought grab and pop in your mouth mini muffins would be perfect. And they were. Nutella Banana Mini MuffinsI end up with 24 mini muffins and 5 regular size ones. If you decide to go with these mini treats then place about 1 tablespoon in each mini muffin cup and bake at 375F for 11 minutes with the rack placed in the center of the oven. 
Nutella Banana Mini Muffins
They were so good even hubby liked them, and he doesn't like Nutella. The girls at MOPS were all wowed. They were so light, easy to peel from the paper and tasted heavenly.
To get the recipe you'll have to go to Nancy's  blog
If you don't know Nancy (hard to believe that), she's the author of "An Epiphany of The Senses" cookbook, a wonderful photograph, an amazing and supportive food blogger and host of Your Best Recipe monthly event and lately a contributor to Honest Cooking, The Food Magazine 
Thank you Nancy for everything you're doing for the blog community.
You can follow Nancy on Twitter, Facebook and FoodBuzz
Thank you Monet, Carolyn, Wendy, Elisabeth  Lora   Alisha  Sara   Kate  Claudia   Nancy  
Thanks everyone for visiting, hope you enjoyed it. Love your support !!
As usual, Roxana Nutella Banana Mini Muffins Nutella Banana Mini Muffins Nutella Banana Mini Muffins Nutella Banana Mini Muffins Nutella Banana Mini Muffins Nutella Banana Mini Muffins

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