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Nurse Julie of Ward Three

By Torontoemerg

Nurse Julie of Ward Three

“Julie Doran had been very happy in the busy, peaceful, atmosphere of the geriatric ward, caring for her aged patients and on the friendliest terms with the physician-in-charge, Hal Gardiner.

But everything changed for the worse when Annette Marsh came on in charge of the ward. Was is Julie’s fault — and if so, what ought she do about it?”

Harlequin Romance, first published in 1964, from the days when the principal social end of nursing, seemingly, was to catch a physician.

Will by-the-book Nurse March thwart the budding romance between Dr. Gardiner and Julie? And what about the dashing, controlling, Dr. Gavin Blake?

Also, note the nursing cape thrown carelessly over the shoulder. Clearly a nurse who will bend the rules!

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