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Not So Perfect Polkadot Nails

By Jayfletch22 @Jayfletch22
Hey everyone!
So yesterday,  I got hit with a major case of the winter blues. I was so down, upset, and irritable, it was pretty bad. So to try to help boost my mood, I painted my nails springy-bright colors. Good thing it's snowing today, right? haha just my luck.
I wanted to try some polka dots, and even thought these aren't perfect circles, I really like them. They are kinda like modern art, where circles and polka dots don't look like traditional dots. hahaha
not so perfect polkadot nails
not so perfect polkadot nails
Do they brighten up your mood like they did for me?
When you are having an off day, what do you like to do to lift your mood? I would love to hear some ideas and stories!!
Thanks for reading! Have a gooooood day :)
not so perfect polkadot nails

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By noelgiger
posted on 04 April at 06:59
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Your post inspired me LOL Your color combination is exactly the same as one I wore last week!