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Not Ready for Sandals

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls love, love, love to have their toe nails polished.  One of our neighbors likes to paint their toe nails different colors and designs.  She does a great job of it.
The girls decided they wanted to try to paint their own toe nails.  I agreed if they would stick to one color per toe and put a towel under their feet while they worked.  They happily agreed.
The end result is clearly a beginner's effort.  There is toe nail polish all over their feet.  Some did make it on their toe nails -- just as much made it on their toes, feet, hands, etc.  It was quite a mess.
They didn't care that they were a mess.  They were very proud of their work.  We'll clean-up the mess and declare their first effort a success.  Next time I might have to provide a little more supervision just to reduce the clean-up stage. 

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