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Noam Randoms

By Tamarsb
I interrupt the recapping of the graduation weekend festivities and fun to bring you a random sampling of everything Noam! Noam RandomsAfter flying all day, the Goober was hungry! We went to my favorite Thai restaurant down the street and man did he chow down! Then he got cranky so my mom started feeding him tofu and noodles with her chop sticks, she couldn't feed him fast enough!  Noam RandomsFriday morning, we went for a power-walk and stopped at a playground to let this little guy stretch his legs.  He had so much fun, although he was more interested in pointing out every bus, truck, and van that drove by. He would explain "bu!" with his little finger raised in the air, as if to say, "I see a bus, therefore, it is!"Noam RandomsHe is just SO HAPPY! He would just laugh and giggle at everything. He loved when I shook the balloon my Aunt Karen got me and it made a funny noise. He would just throw his head back and laugh and laugh. Noam Randoms He loves all things cars and trucks. He says "wee wee" as he moves them back and forth and tried to make a toy plane I gave him fly! He also started saying "whoa" whenever something happened or fascinated him, I could eat him with a spoon, I tell you!
Noam Randoms He is also so deep in thought. I can tell he is thinking and taking in everything around him. Cannot outsmart this guy! We had to take away one of the cars he fell in love with because the parts kept falling off and he kept walking around my apartment looking for it!
Noam Randoms I love this picture of him in the American University hat I bought for my Zayda. I have a picture of Noam wearing this hat when he was 6 days old!
Noam Randoms Friday night, we kept trying to get him to say Auntie Mar (which what I am aiming at being called). He finally said something that sounded like "Ma Mar" and he said it twice! I need to upload the video!
Noam Randoms Noam loves all things dogs, we bought this adorable and soft doggy stuffed animal at this adorable children's store in Beacon Hill and he was in love instantly. He was getting tired and was super cuddled up with it in his B.O.B. And speaking of his B.O.B, he started referring to his stroller as "ba bob" - he loves his B.O.B!
Noam RandomsHe also fell in LOVE with this old double decker bus toy I bought in London many moons ago. Of course he would fall in love with a toy totally not safe for an 18 month old, but he wouldn't let it go! 
I love this little man so much and it made my heart so so so happy to spend 48 hours with him! He clearly knows who I am and that means the world to me! Love you something crazy Noam!! 
More pictures of fun in Boston with Noam coming tomorrow!and then, she {snapped}

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