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No Wrong Way to Do Denim: Boss Orange Dilanos Wingtip Lace-ups

By Shoeography
No Wrong Way to Do Denim:  Boss Orange Dilanos Wingtip Lace-upsNo Wrong Way to Do Denim:  Boss Orange Dilanos Wingtip Lace-ups
No Wrong Way to Do Denim:  Boss Orange Dilanos Wingtip Lace-upsBoss Orange Dilanos Wingtip Lace-ups
What a dilemma sometimes!  Khakis and denim for modern cool or denim on denim for mod cool or even denim with a tee or a button-down for either dumb it down or dress it up.  Don't even mention the bevy of washes!  Well there's something about the casual yet timeless appeal of denim on an elegant and classic menswear staple like the wingtip.  Boss Orange got it right on the money with their Dilanos Wingtip Lace-up.  It's sleek leather cap, heel and sides coupled with the accompanying distressed denim balancing act go great with everything from dark denim washes to classic and colored khakis to tailored slacks.  So it may not solve the problem of how to pair your denim but at least it's good to know that it won't hinder your choices.  Available now at

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