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No Slip, No Pinch Headbands

By Seamssewcreative
I have ventured out into a new frontier, and tried my hand at making headbands...
There are pretty neat little headbands. Being a girl who has always had long hair, headbands have been a part of my life since, well, birth. And they have always had several key flaws.
  • one-they caused pressure points behind your ears to create monster headaches, forcing the removal of said headband
  • two-if it was a wrap-around head band, it constantly slipped down or back off your head, forcing you to stop whatever you are doing and fix it, many many many times a day.
  • three-if it had a silicone lining to stop the aforementioned slippage, it pulled your hair when you tried to put it on or off and still managed to slip anyway.
Amazingly I have found that all three of these major flaws have been resolved by this headband! Beautiful ribbons on the outside, a nice soft velvet on the inside, these headbands stay put, look great, and are headache free! Woohoo :)
While I can't take credit for the invention my self (Thanks Katie for introducing me to these wonder bands!), I can make sure I spread the wealth for all fellow head band lovers.
Check out my Etsy page for my latest creations, I'm calling them "Seams Sew Sweaty Bands"
Here are a few photos of the different prints I have for sale. Also, if you are local, they can be found at the Poor Little Rich Girl shops, and hopefully more places in the future!
No Slip, No Pinch Headbands
No Slip, No Pinch Headbands
No Slip, No Pinch Headbands
No Slip, No Pinch Headbands
No Slip, No Pinch Headbands
No Slip, No Pinch Headbands
No Slip, No Pinch Headbands
Happy sewing,

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