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New Website Lets You Claim The Peaks You Bag

Posted on the 11 March 2011 by Kungfujedi @Kungfujedi
New Website Lets You Claim The Peaks You Bag
A new website called Peakery.com has just launched that is sure to be a hit of climbers and mountaineers everywhere. The site boasts an extensive database of mountains from around the globe and will allow you to create a profile and easily list the mountains you've climbed.
At launch, Peakery claims to have 150,339 peaks in their catalog, and they've made it easy to look them up and check the stats on each of them. The database includes a brief description of each mountain, including elevation, and cities or towns that it is near. The latter is particularly helpful when planning the logistics of your climb. There are also plenty of photos and trip reports from other climbers who have been on the mountain, and you can even earn badges to add to your Peakery profile that show the summits you've reached.
The site also allows you to search for mountains by region and offers three different views to explore including list view, map view, and photo view. It seems that there is already a burgeoning community there as well, with climbers already posting their favorite treks and mountains, as well as sharing tips and images too.
I'm quite impressed with the extensive database, which will certainly serve as a great resource for myself when I'm looking up info on a lesser known peak. It will also be a great place to get scouting reports for your next expedition as well, and the more people who join the community the more useful of a resource Peakery will become. It is definitely worth a look, and it seems like it has lots of potential to become a great site for hikers and hardcore climbers alike.

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