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New Sherwin-Williams Commercials

By Ann Martin @allthingspaper
Sherwin-Williams has done it again. Two new, oh-so-clever paint chip commercials invaded the tv airwaves here in the States on June 1st. The River is my favorite, as much for the song as the visuals. (Any idea who sings it?) I've been quilling waves this week, so seeing the paint chip waterfall and flowing river is timely, not to mention the fast-rising cliffs and frisky squirrel are pretty amazing.
Of course this even shorter Stork ad is great too. Its wings make me think of the panels that slide in and out, up and down on a jet... or maybe I just wish I was flying off somewhere exciting?!

By the way, I just started an All Things PaperFacebook page yesterday, so if you are on Facebook, or even if you aren't, it can be seen here. I'll be posting spur of the moment paper finds, updates on previously featured artists and crafters, as well as links to new posts.

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