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Neva Cuisine in the 8th: Most Impressive (again).

By Johntalbott

We ate again at Neva Cuisine in the 8th and once again were quite pleased.

March-aprl 2012 089

March-aprl 2012 090

March-aprl 2012 091


The firsts were beautifully presented and tasting; sliced ormeaux (abalone) on a bed of pureed asparagus with asparagus and a toast with a sour cream like topping that perfectly offset the blandness of the gastropod molluscs; sliced raw scallops with citrus; and a rondelle of foie gras with toast.

March-aprl 2012 093

March-aprl 2012 094

March-aprl 2012 095


Our mains were a slice of St Pierre on rice/risotto; lard slices with vegies; and a huge chunk of crispy-on-the-outside sweetbreads with a puree and chopped sauteed mushrooms on an intense brown sauce.

March-aprl 2012 096

March-aprl 2012 098

March-aprl 2012 097


For desserts we had their (by now) delicious classic deconstructed sphere of chocolate, a wonderful chocolate with caramel and a millefeuille.

March-aprl 2012 092

With a bottle per couple of the Ardèchian red, no bottled water, a nice amuse gueule of guacamole and bread sticks, good bread & butter and three coffees with no bottled water, our bill with supplements for almost everything, was 98.16666666 E a couple.

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