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Netflix India – Netflix Free Trial Account in India (With Features Explain)

Posted on the 03 August 2017 by Dheeraj101
Netflix India – Netflix Free trial account in India (With Features explain)

Netflix had launched in India in 2016. Since it came into the Indian market it covers the trend of being a popular streaming media service. It provides you streaming service which allows you to watch movies and TV shows online or stream right to your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and much more. It is subscription based paid service so you have to pay to use Netflix and you can avail its service and its features according to your subscription plan. If you are one of the Indian people who heard about this amazing service and you want to try it then this post is just for you. Because you don't have used Netflix before, so before starting you must know some of its Basic features and plans:

Features of NetFlix India:

Availability Everywhere: As long as you have your internet connection with yours, you can avail its streaming service. Now it is available in almost every country around the world and still growing so you don't need to worry about if you are in the country next to yours or almost any country.

No longer have to wait for watch Next Session: Sometimes you have to wait for watching the next episode or session but in Netflix, there is nothing like that. You can watch the entire series without having a pause.

Advertisement Free: You can obviously recognize that if you are paying for a streaming media service, it only you want to make it less frustrating and with easy interface. And Advertisement does the opposite of it, so you don't have to worry because you are not going to see any advertisement during the usages of Netflix and it's totally advertisement free.

Availability of Almost every category: It is such a huge platform with a large database! it has something for everyone. You can choose from a variety of categories to watch and avail what you wanna watch.

High-Definition: Everything you see on Netflix is available in High-Definition however it sometimes depends upon your subscription plan.

Watch Now or Watch Later: If you are running out of internet connection or maybe your wifi or broadband connection is going to be cut next day due to not paying the bill or if you going to city where the availability of internet is almost down then you can Download your favourite Tv shows or movies so you can watch them offline later. Or if you are not having any issue with internet then you can obviously watch them anytime you want.

Free For a month: If you a New Netflix user or about to start using Netflix then you will get Netflix free for a month. Isn't is good! So you have a complete 1-month trial.

Now we have pretty good idea about NetFlix and its features So that now we can further move on to know how to get Netflix account in India that comes with a 1-month trial.

Get Netflix Trial account :

NetFlix alway comes in three type of plans if you are looking to purchase it for a month or taking a month trial then you have to select from those three plans. You can select any plan which suits your usability for Netflix and then get the start right away after done purchasing an appropriate plan.

Basic Plan: As the name says it is a basic plan which means you don't get too many features with it. however, you will still get the ability to watch and download In HD, anytime with your basic plan. It is the cheapest plan from its three plans. You can watch Netflix on your laptop, TV, phone, and tablet with this plan and there is no limit of watching anything on Netflix, + you will get the first month of Netflix for free. But you can use only one device for offline watching.

Standard Plan: The Standard plan is little more expensive than the basic plan but it comes With same features as Basic plan the difference is only that you can use 2 devices for offline viewing.

Premium Plan: The highest rate plan which is expensive than basic and standard plan. It comes with the same amount of feature as standard plan + you can watch in Ultra HD and you can use 4 devices for offline viewing.

Now, follow below steps to get your netflix trial account and enjoy Netflix in India free for a month.

  • Open Netflix official website from here.
  • Join Free For A Month Button from its home page.Netflix India – Netflix Free trial account in India (With Features explain)
  • Click on See The Plans.Netflix India – Netflix Free trial account in India (With Features explain)
  • Choose one of the plans, as you aware of its plans after reading above and Click Continue.Netflix India – Netflix Free trial account in India (With Features explain)
  • It will ask you to create your account, so just click Continue.Netflix India – Netflix Free trial account in India (With Features explain)
  • On the next page fill your email id and password and click Continue.
  • On the next page it will ask you to choose a payment method as credit card or debit card, You can simply click on that payment box that will take you to the next page that is same for credit card users as well as debit card users.
  • Now, fill your credit card or debit card details there and check the i agree checkbox then Click on Start Membership.
  • It will verify your bank account by sending otp to your registered phone number. So, just hang-on with your phone for a sec and verify your account.

You are done Now! and it will redirect you to its dashboard. Where you can manage your profiles and choose from variety of TV programs and films so you can enjoy them anytime by going to your profile.

This a how you can make free Netflix account(Netflix trial account) in India. The only necessity is you must have a credit or debit card for taking a trial. If you having any question regarding the registration process then you can freely ask us in the comment section. We will be more happy to reply you instantly just put your question in the comment section

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