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Neocon....I Came, I Saw, I Blogged

By Square1studios @square1studiosM
I have just started a new commercial office project.  I have done plenty of private office spaces but this is my first all out office and I am incredibly excited to be working with such creative clients.  We have 3000 sf and the space is a typical long, narrow Chicago space...the challenge is that the natural light only comes from the short north wall!  So lighting is crucial and since there will be a combination of open and closed spaces there will be many translucent materials being used to make sure light can flow from one space to the next.  
So I am lucky that Neocon happened(Last Week) when it did!  It can be a bit overwhelming visually and spatially so I was glad to have a focus.  I saw many new materials and designs that will inspire me... I was also impressed by the way a lot of companies investigate and explore how the way we work is changing.  The new office worker is more flexible and mobile and designers are reflecting and responding with creative solutions.  There is also an ongoing ergonomic challenge when designing for office workers who are increasingly sedentary yet constantly mobile.  A work force that is slowly replacing the typical office model with flex-work or work at home.
Izzy, Jofco and AllSteel all presented furniture to inspire creativity and productivity for Modern Man's "Meeter and Gatherer".  Coaless offer's a warm, rich, mid century influenced line of furniture suitable for the very best "work cave".  Also notable was the Davies Office refurbishing which showed some clever and whimsical examples of re-manufacturing.  I have also include in my images below a photo I took of a healthcare exhibit of IOA.  I really loved how cheerful and happy the design was and so unlike any health care environment I had ever experienced.  
I did see a lot of White everywhere... workstations, table and chair bases, lighting, flooring, etc... and I noticed a variety of different companies showing desks with mitered frame bases... I also saw a lot of  aerodynamic forms with very futuristic overtones... and of course Mid Century modern is still going strong and in some ways evolving... I do regret not visiting the third floor during Neocon, but I will be venturing there within the next few weeks, especially to Herman Miller to view their Canvas line. 

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

Knoll's Antenna workspace and it's sexy curved privacy screen.... perfect to lean over and perfectly modern finishes!

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

Jofco's  funky seating would be great for that creative nook.

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

What my office needs.... a Steelcase Treadmill desk!

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

A cardboard work station display from Davies....
Notice the unique privacy screen in the shape of a flower, which seemed to be an important
motif for their new line.

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

Again Davies, and the flower motif echoed in their chalk board table...
I love this for any creative office or daycare space.

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

IOA Health Care Furniture had one of the most cheerful and stylish collections
that I have ever seen for Health Care furniture.

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

Actiu, from Spain.... Delightfully minimal and lightweight... showing a mitered edge detail
that kept cropping up everywhere.

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

Chilewich introduced their new line of window shades, it's absolutely beautiful in person!

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

AllSteel's Rise seating from their Gather Collection... Launching on Monday, so you get a sneak preview here
For some reason I think this would be great seating for a high school or college class room setting... Also,
perfect for those informal meeting areas. 

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

Touhy's sleek minimal Prato line stood out with it sophisticated simplicity

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

Touhy's ZI line offers an elegant solution for any media driven conference setting.

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

At Izzy... A unique "think tank" seating with sliding work surfaces....
Made me think "Creative cage match"

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

The Izzy showroom was all about fun and color....I love how they styled the shelves.

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

Private office doors at Coalesses' showroom....
Has the feel of a sort of steel Shoji screen... and also makes use of
amazing sliding barn door hardware I plan to use in my next project! 

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

An office at Coalesse that truly exemplifies the way we work today...
It also has that "Man Cave" feel....I love this room!

Neocon....I came, I saw, I blogged

MAI's sliding door system is a great option for my next project!

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