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Neighbor Doorknob Hanger

By Gerard @presurfer
Neighbor Doorknob Hanger
The Neighbor Doorknob Hanger was designed by artist Candy Chang for GOOD Magazine.
The Neighbor Doorknob Hanger is a simple, double-sided sign that provides a friendly platform for residents in dense quarters to offer and request things at everyone's convenience. One side says 'Please Disturb' and makes space for you to list offerings and choose how you prefer to be contacted - a knock at specific times that are good for you, by phone, or by email.
The other side of the doorknob hanger says 'Can I borrow?' and provides the same format for requesting things and resources. Think of it as an invitation, a validated request, or a low-tech status update for your door, so we can share more resources without interrupting each other at a bad time!
(via SleepyHollowKits...)The Presurfer

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