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Nature's Plan

By Cifarshayar @cifarshayar

Nature's Plan

Nature's Plan
"The winter is coming my son," he looked at the vast barren land which used to be his village in that god gifted place and added, "I think we need to leave now."
"But papa, our home is here," "our home was here." He corrected his son and moved inside the make shift home to start packing whatever few things they had. They were among the negligible survivors from their village after the flood which devastated the paradise on earth Kashmir Valley. They refused to go with army when they came for rescue so that they could stay and rebuild their village with the help and aid provided by the government through army.
They lived among the rotten dead human and animal bodies, buried them, helped each other to construct houses with limited resources but never thought of living their village because this would mean the extinction of their ancestral land but the intense cold winds were indicating early onset of winter and snowfall. The make shift houses were not enough to sustain chilly winters. They decided to leave immediately with teary eyes but god has different plans. The Hudhud cyclonic winds in Indian ocean the reason for humongous destruction of property and life in eastern coastal region of India reached Himalayan mountain range causing early snowfall in that region.
Those preparing to leave their villages to safer places in winter got struck their due to snowfall to die a slow death. They were destined to die by natural calamity and they died by one. Nobody can change nature's plan.
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