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Myers of Keswick

By Elizabethwix

I want every single food item in Myers of Keswick....
Myers of Keswick
... which looks exactly like shops used to when I was a child in England -- utterly old-fashioned and charming
Myers of Keswick
It's not that the things always taste that wonderfully good --though some doit's more the familiarity of them --the brand names one recognizes.How can an ex-pat live without Marmite, one asks oneself?
Myers of Keswick
And the sweets! No wonder English people have the reputation for having awful teeth. All the candy pictured above is really good. I particularly recommend the wine gums which are like much tougher Gummy Bears ---sort of.....
Myers of Keswick
Now to the bangers and back bacon and clotted cream and all sorts of pies.....steak and kidney. YUM!
Myers of Keswick
This window makes me laugh. Here we have royalty and a wedding --very classy and suitable -- and then vulgar post cards and pins. Oddly,England is a bit like that: a mixture of the tasteful and utterly tasteless.
Myers of Keswick
So a last glance --more royalty and then TEAthe most important of beverages (not counting BEER).
Myers is on Hudson Street around 12th Street.

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