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My Weekly Hair Reggie

By Savvybrown @savvybrownblog

I’ve received a few emails asking me what my Hair Regimen is. This post outines my weekly hair regimen through this past winter season. As it warms up, (which I hope will happen soon) I might wear the twists less often, but we’ll see. As always, I don’t use anything in my hair or on my skin with parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, or sulfates. I try to stay away from cones too and I rarely dry my hair with heat.

Savvy Brown’s Curent Weekly Hair Reggie

  1. Wash hair in sections with Bee Mine Rhassoul Clay Clarifying Bar
  2. Detangle my sopping wet hair section-by-section with Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner and a few drops of Vatika Oil, using a wide-tooth Shower comb
  3. Rinse with warm water and shake off excess
  4. Monthly hot-oil treatment with jojoba oil and coconut oil applied to my scalp, with excess pulled through my strands
  5. Condition hair with steeped black or green tea and leave-in for an hour (this is a great trick to help with shedding and dry scalp, check out this post for more info.)
  6. Rinse with cool water
  7. Damp Dry my hair by squeezing it dry with a microfiber towel
  8. Style into two-strand twists using Hairveda Almond Glaze, with a little jojoba oil at the tips.

This whole process takes me 2.5 hours once a week. And then I wear my hair in a twisty bun or with all the twists just pulled back, except for a few for “bangs” in the front. After a couple of days, I untwist and fluff and wear it in a twistout. I do NOT twist my hair again until “Washing day”.

That’s it!

Hope that helps! Feel free to comment with any questions!

  • What’s your hair routine?

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