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My Valentine's Day Score

By Parentalparody

My Valentine's Day score
So apparently the retail world's most romantic day of the year occured last week.
Yep, I've been told it was Valentine's Day on Thursday. Neither #1Hubby or I got the memo / imbibed via osmosis all the pink and red love hearty crap that has been plastered over every conceivable shopping centre surface for the past few weeks
While I may play the cynic, of  course I would gush about the long stemmed roses, flaunt the sparkly jewellery, and talk up the bow-legged walk the morning after being whisked away to a hotel suite for a romantic night's lovin'.
But since that shit doesn't happen, AKA I have kids and a mortgage, I get to be all cynical and ingidnant about the consumerism that is Valentine's Day.  That's not to say I totally missed out.
I did score an awesome selfie gift.
After dropping The Feral Threesome at school, I made a mad dash for the shops to do a big fruit and veg re-stock.  I had very little time, as I was expecting a call from one of my BlogHer sponsors...lest I sound unprofessional asking them to hold while I stuffed another discout capsicum in my trolley. So I was mad-woman-walking (you know where you are half trotting, and twitching a little bit, and throwing your head to the side occasionally in order to get the hair out of your face?  Yeah, that), and suddenly it happened.
I spotted the most beautiful thing, right inside the shopping center entrance. It was sparkly
It was shiny.
It was silver, with a little bit of white, and a hint of emerald. My heart rate sky rocketed, such was the effect this shiny beauty had on me.
I simply had to have it.
It was love at first sight!  I grabbed it and ran, before anyone could stop me or try and claim it as their own. I ran and didn't look back. And it was a damn smooth run, as I dodged other shoppers and simultaneously marvelled at my beautiful score.
Feast your eyes on my Valentine: My Valentine's Day score
A brand spanking new trolley. No sideways lean. No clunky wheel that makes you feel like you're going over a speed bump with every rotation. No loose rattling kiddy seat. Not a single dent, scratch or scrape.
Totally blinging and shiny. Sigh....happy Valentine's Day to me

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