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My Small Beginnings In Photography

By Ian_delapena
I was waiting for my mom to finish using the net book that I use to surf (I use a netbook to surf to save on electricity as a desktop computer uses too much energy) when I tried to clear my table from all of the clutter  on it so I could edit some photos on my desktop, when I found my old Digicam.
I looked for spare batteries to try it. I laughed a lot thinking that the small 1.5 inch LCD display was enough for me way back.
My Small Beginnings In Photography
It is an Olympus digital point and shoot camera that I bought at Best Buy on Victory lane in Burbank on a business trip in California on 2006. It's a 5.1 megapixel camera which I think was not so bad back at those time. I didn't thought that I could ever afford to buy one, as one of the office guys told me that I could save about a couple of thousand pesos only if I buy in the states.
However, to my surprise the camera costs less than $130 which if I converted at that time to Philippine pesos was just a little over 6,000 pesos. When I got back here in Manila I went around and canvas on how much my camera costs here. Again I was surprised with how much I saved! The camera costs 18,000 pesos at that time and I got it at a third of its price.
My Small Beginnings In Photography
I feel so blessed that I got the to own one of these. I owe it to this small point-and-shoot camera the start of my photography career. With this small camera I was able to enter the world of light and show everyone how I see the world through my eyes.
I always encourage people who loves to get into photography to start even with just a poin-and-shoot cam as you can learn a lot of things that you can later apply when you have your big cam already.
here are some of the photos I took with this camera.
My Small Beginnings In Photography
My Small Beginnings In Photography
My Small Beginnings In Photography
My Small Beginnings In Photography
May be my passion for my art was the driving force for me to create such images even with such basic equipments. I am grateful to this camera for letting me in the world of photography.
So go out today and shoot!

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