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My Friday Confessional

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
So, apparently certain people are boycotting my latest post, because it's too sad (it was also hard to write, so come on people, it's really about the first book more than anything :P haha!) But, anyway, to distract away from the sadness that my last post allegedly drew in, I thought I'd hide it behind another post, about something much more...erm....interesting...
Basically, a few weeks ago, I *gulp* volunteered to take part in Modesty Brown's Friday Confessional.
My Friday Confessional
After I'd written it, I nearly chickened out and didn't submit it, but you know what, I am not ashamed (okay, maybe I am a little bit teehee!) But, anyway, if you fancy a giggle and a little bit of disgust, and maybe even an opportunity to see another side of me, well, have fun ;)
Click here to check my Confessions out.....oh Lord....!!Photobucket

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