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Must See Places in Delhi for the Well Heeled Traveler

By Davedtc @davedtc

Delhi has always been a city of “Nawabs”. The term Nawabs is a suffix for individuals who belong to a royal family indicating they can afford a life of luxury.

The destinations highlighted below are available to all – “we live in a democracy” and are rated as several “must experiences” for a traveler who has an aptitude for exploration and craves something off the beaten path.

So here we go…

1. Dinner at Bukhara Delhi

Bill at Bukhara Delhi

Bill at Bukhara Delhi

With many favorable reviews regarding Bukhara, it is safe to say that this place delivers delicious cuisine. Bukhara is somewhat on the pricey side but the food is superb. They serve Indian food; some of my recommended items on the menu are the Murgh Kastoori Kebab, Dal Bukhara, and Tandoori Naan. This restaurant has a favorable reputation for the taste of their Daals which in part is the reason that attracts large crowds to their door.

2. DLF Promenade Mall Delhi

DLF Promenade Mall Delhi

DLF Promenade Mall Delhi

My favorite shopping experience in New Delhi is the DLF Promenade Mall. It offers a number of retail outlets both from local suppliers as well as and from International including apparels, jewelry, shoes, accessories, bags, and even dining. It is a premium mall catering to the people of the National Capital Region – especially the city of Delhi.

The mall is the “it” thing in terms of being a fashion destination because of the diversity of stores catering to both sexes. The mall also has seven cinemas with a capacity to seat more than a thousand people. The location of the mall is also interesting as it is sandwiched between two other luxury malls in Vasant Kunj.

3. First Class flight in Emirates from Delhi Airport

First Class flight in Emirates

First Class flight in Emirates

Emirates Airline is a five star brand often catering to people who are rich and famous. Get to experience luxury at its finest when flying with Emirates first class from Delhi airport. An individual deck is available for *each* first class passenger with plenty of entertainment options for them to enjoy. These decks are decorated in a golden color, to signify luxury; the seat spells perfect comfort making even a long haul flight enjoyable and one that you can look forward to!

A vanity mirror is also available to make sure you have to tools to look your best once you arrive at your destination. Name brand toiletries are also available should you decide you merely want to wash your face; however you can take a shower while on board as well. A writing kit is even available for those quintessential “road warriors” those well traveled and well heeled businessmen who need to work while on board.

A minibar offers plenty of drink choices as well as baskets of snacks. Each deck also features ample storage along with freebies of slippers, eye shades, bags, and pajamas. Without a doubt, one can quickly say that this is *the life* when flying first class with Emirates.

4. Visit the Indian Habitat Centre

Indian Habitat Centre

Indian Habitat Centre

Indian Habitat Centre is a specialty lodging located in the city of New Delhi. This center features a diversity of activities such as forum presentations, art shows, film showings, among others. Despite being located in central New Delhi, when you step inside the center you immediately feel a sense of calm – the opposite feeling that is so gratingly pervasive across much of sprawling city.

The lawn is well maintained which adds charm to the place. The accommodation is pleasing and the food is outstanding – you will get a restful night’s sleep here.

5. Khan Market Delhi

Khan Market

Khan Market

Khan Market Delhi is said to be the costliest retail area in the whole of India. The market was founded as a commercial hub for retail outlets during the 1990s but it is now a high end street featuring luxury shops; it is one of the most expensive shopping areas on the planet. A visit here is ideal for those who are wealthy and want to separate themselves from the masses at more crowded shopping centres.

Stores that immediately carry a certain ‘cachet’ when you mention their names are here including Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Safeera, Amrapali, and many other showrooms for electronics, hardware, kitchenware, and fabrics. The higher class find this shopping destination attractive because they have everything in one location without the hassle of walking together with crowds of people.

And that is all for today my good friends – be sure to also check out this entertaining video on New Delhi in order to be inspired to visit my hometown :)

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