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  • Ellie Goulding - "Burn" (Tiesto Remix)

    It should come as no surprise to you guys about my feelings toward Ellie Goulding, as I absolutely adore her. Her latest hit "Burn" is incredible, so it was... Read more

    The 01 august 2013 by   Oh So Fresh! Music
  • New Joint: "Future" - Akir Feat. Immortal Technique

    Check out this brand new joint from Akir (Always Keep It Real). The track "Future" features underground legend Immortal Technique and is from Akir's upcoming... Read more

    The 07 august 2013 by   Rticulate
  • Music and the Mind

    We often talk about how dressing up well and looking freat can make you feel better and give you the right attitude. Furthermore, we always associate this... Read more

    The 31 january 2014 by   Attireclub
  • VIDEO: Lil Terrio Takes Over Hollywood with The Game!

    Everyones favorite lil boy Terrio takes over Hollywood with West Coast Rapper The Game. The little 6 year old Youtube sensation is now all over with your... Read more

    The 31 october 2013 by   Thetrophylife
  • Phish 2013 Fall Tour SBD + Torrents: Hampton 2013/10/20

    10/18-20/2013, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA. Limited Edition posters by James Flames. Phish 2013/10/19 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA Set 1: Julius Funky Bitch... Read more

    The 21 october 2013 by   Hctf
  • Disco Doom – “Ex Teenager”

    “Ex Teenager”, the latest from Switzerland’s Disco Doom, is effusive indie rock’s equivalent to an elbow in the face. With only a single warning breath, the son... Read more

    The 04 september 2013 by   Audiocred
  • Video: Drake Announces Official Partnership With Team Jordan + Pics of...

    Following Kanye announcing a partnership with Adidas, this week Drake announces he’s official a member of the Jordan Brand family. Read more

    The 04 december 2013 by   Thetrophylife
  • Helms Alee – “Tumescence”

    I’m going to get myself into trouble here, but I think heavy metal is supposed to be hilarious. I don’t mean to disparage the genre in any way; I think that... Read more

    The 29 november 2013 by   Audiocred
  • The Neighbourhood - "No Grey"

    Even though alt/pop band The Neighbourhood recenlty released their debut album I Love You, they already are wasting no time in dropping new tunes, like "No Grey. Read more

    The 05 june 2013 by   Oh So Fresh! Music
  • What Does Independence Mean to Musicians?

    Welcome to the beginning of the #GoIndie series, which aims to explore the benefits and challenges of being an independent artist. I wanted to create this serie... Read more

    The 06 february 2014 by   Electrickiwi