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Multiple Fathers

By Newsanchormom

Multiple Fathers
A new study shows a third of mothers have children by more than one man. I am not surprised by this. Isn't the divorce rate 50% or more? It makes sense. It's probably not a good thing, but it seems to be a fact of life. I am sure it's better for a lot of kids than if their mom had stayed with their dad. What do you think?
FROM NBC: A new study shows a third of mothers have children by more than one man. The study, out of the University of Michigan, looked at data collected from four thousand women who were surveyed several times over two decades.
They found twenty-eight percent of women with more than two kids had their children with more than one man. African American and Hispanic women were more likely to have multiple fathers -- however -- they found multiple partner fertility was common at all levels of income and education. They say having more than one father is often linked with marriage and divorce rather than single parenthood.

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