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Muffin Top…see Ya!!!

By Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

I have never in my life worried about my weight. When I was pregnant, I gained 64 pounds with the first kid, and 56 with the second. I lost it all. Both times.

Muffin top…see ya!!!

This isn't boobs aren't that big :)

Then I hit 40…I have had my ups and downs in the last 6 years since. I have weighed up to about 135 lbs. I am not ok with that.

When I first started the new program I am on now, I weighed in at 132 lbs.

I know that sounds ok, but I have weighed about 110-115 pretty consistantly since I was about 30 years old.

I really notice the extra nearly 20 lbs. I am not overweight, but I am uncomfortable with my body this way. That is really all that matters to me.

I also don’t eat very well, well not consistently anyways. I have a sweet tooth. I love bread. Two absolute no-no’s for a few reasons at this point in my life.

So I am learning to eat better, eat more greens, and I am consuming about 1/8 th of the sugar I was consuming even two weeks ago.

Eating consciously is hard for me. I have always been able to eat whatever I want to. Now I have to stop myself. It’s still ok to have a cookie, or two. I

Muffin top…see ya!!!
would eat 4. No more…

Don’t eat 4 pieces of garlic bread with dinner. Have two small ones.

Drink water.

Lots of water.

I have never been one to add sugar to things, but when it comes to candy or chocolate, if I have it… I eat it. When I don’t have it, I crave it. I have been working hard to overcome this. I am not buying anything like that or having it in the house. That way I am not tempted.

I have found a site that has really helped me figure out what is ok and not ok. Like I said I have never counted calories in my life, I had, up to a couple of days ago, no idea how many calories you could safely and healthily consume in a day…

And then I went here…

Muffin top…see ya!!!

It has a great program for working out, planned menus which up to this point I haven’t used. I am more interested in eating what I have, or what I am fairly used to eating, and finding out if I am in the close vicinity of where I should be, so far so good. I have learned what to cut down on to stay in the guidelines I have set for myself.

I also find I stick to it better when I am actually tracking it and seeing what I am accomplishing. I have already lost three pounds since I started. Mostly that is the exclusion of the sugar and bread. Isn’t that insane?

So as my new journey begins, I am feeling good :) I have the day off today, no kids, nothing to do, except get the oil in my truck changed and maybe mow my lawn :)  I am taking the puppy for a walk and streaking my hair (time for a summer look I think!!) and of course watching my Vancouver Canucks hopefully bring the Stanley cup home tonight!!!

If anyone wants to join me, let me know, god knows I could use some backup and maybe a partner in crime, it is easier when you are not alone!!

Happy Tuesday folks :)

Muffin top…see ya!!!

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