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MRM Turbo Driven Review w/ Video

By Nuwave

mrm turbo driven pre workout review

MRM Turbo Driven Pre Workout review. This is a newer supplement from MRM (Metabolic Response Modifiers). I applied for the supplement promotion on bodybuilding forums and was sent this 2 serving (one container) packet to taste and test. No Review was required but I felt I should give this supplement the honor of having a full-fledged review. You’ll find an actual video at the end of this post showing mixability and also effectiveness.

Mixability 6/10 -

While some may claim giving turbo driven by MRM a 6 is unfair. I think it’s quite fair considering I’m often times pretty strict when it comes to mixing. I used a spoon on this product which is what I think is the way to mix pre workouts(personal opinion). It mixed fairly well but I did notice some odd grains at the bottom floating and also in the bottom which you’ll see in the video. I think the reason behind that with MRM turbo driven is because of it having some herbal and beet root extract.

Taste 9/10 -

turbo driven pre workout

I had the rocket berry flavor which was VERY good but also very sweet at the same time. If you can handle the sweetness of this product then you’ll enjoy it but some others have compared Turbo Driven to the taste of strawberry cough medicine. Which I can understand because I did taste a small hint of that flavor as well. Overally I enjoyed the turbo driven by mrm rocket berry flavor and wouldn’t mind taking it again. If you can’t handle the sweetness then try to add more water to turbo driven pre workout.

Effectiveness 8/10 -

The effect was actually pretty good. I didn’t get the tired effect I usually get about 30 minutes into the workout where I begin to yawn and feel sluggish. I didn’t yawn at all with turbo driven by mrm. However I didn’t feel the beta alanine effects (tingling,flushing of the skin) and I also took 2 serving(one packet sample =2). Which means I was taking in 276mg of caffeine which is quite a bit and pretty guaranteed to get you a boost of energy for some time.

Value 9/10 -

Originally during my video review I was unsure of the price but it’s actually already available to buy on MRMs website you just look for turbo driven pre workout to buy. It’s 29.99$ for 30 servings which is pretty reasonable compared to other pre workouts. So the price of MRM turbo driven pre workout is pretty good in that regard.

If you are looking for a cheap pre workout that should give pretty decent results then MRM Turbo Driven pre workout might work for you. I hope you enjoyed my turbo driven pre workout review

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