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Most Fantastic Games Ever!! Zackary Scored 6 Points and d...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Most fantastic games ever!! Zackary scored 6 points and did not cry when the game was over and it was time to watch the older gals play.
Eli player his little heart out. No meltdowns and a steal!!! he played most of the third quarter. The way he handled himself and the ball tonight was like a different child compared to last week. He LOVED it! Danny was a extremely proud Pop.....even more so then I was. He has really put a lot of hours and coaching into Eli since last week and it showed. The ride home was wild. It reminded me of bus rides home from away games when I was a kid. We blared the radio and sang all the way home. The party is still going on here. At the moment music is screaming from Eli's room. Black Betty. Along with a giggling.

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