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By Dolci @dolcimirabella
More SketchesI just love getting new ideas! This morning I did this little sketch using a picture I found in an advertisement. When I woke up, I decided to try this. I love old trucks and cars. They have so much character. I can see that this drawing needs some work because the running board is too low to the ground...teehee. It would get scraped by every rock and stone. Well, it's just a sketch so no harm done.When I paint it, I'll fix things.Here's another view of Zippy (that's the name I gave the little truck).More SketchesThis version obviously has a better suspension! :) Now I can paint and not worry about scraping the undercarriage.
Have you noticed today's date? it's 1/01/11 - really cool! The number one by itself signifies new beginnings, independence and decisions. My personal word for the new year is awareness, so I feel compelled to be aware of my surroundings, signs and events. I was drawn to understand the significance of  today's date.I hope the new year begins blissfully for everyone who reads this. Expect the best for yourself and your loved ones.

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