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Posted on the 16 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
The Pink Flamingo put together a wonderful post about the incredible Ann. 
People like Ms Barnhardt are so self-centered, so ignorant, and so selfish that they don’t understand their “Freedom of Speech” is putting the lives of American soldiers in danger.  All that matters is WHAT THEY WANT, not in keeping our people safe.  All that matters is their irrational hatred of a religion, no matter if they insult our allies. 
Funny thing about Hatred.  Ms. Barnhardt has a strange view of our men and women in uniform, openly challenging them to rebel against their Commander in Chief.  She doesn’t mind advocating a practice that will get our brave men and women killed.  She claims to be a patriot, but advocates eliminating MY right to vote and taking away the rights that make women the equal of men.
I've been thinking about Ann's videos which have become a little popular, the ones in which she burns the Koran pages. It occurred to me when I saw Pastor Terry's face in the news again last week, it was another article rehashing his actions.
It must be frustrating for Barnhardt, an educated and well-spoken person, to be seen as attempting to ride on the coat-tails of a semi-literate caveman hillbilly like the pastor. And the topper is he's a global phenomenon and she's still nobody.
To paraphrase what Captain Kirk said to Khan, "I'm laughing at the superior intellect, Ann."
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