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By Jlynnn @Jlynnn
More From Velgas Freshly pedicured toes, then off to the pool! Where we spent every morning, a good way to wake up for sure. More From Velgas The another story all together. Among other restaurants, we went to Julian Serrano for tapas, (pictured above) which was insanely great. We were on a mission to only eat the best of the best and only seafood. To say the least it turned out well. More From Velgas seared scallops...More From Velgas Lobster salad...More From Velgas A new ring!More From Velgas Me - pre-tan. More From Velgas Interesting pieces at our hotelMore From Velgas
More From VelgasTalula hat, Rayban Wayfarers Elizabeth & James dress, Michael Kors shoes and watch, YSL ring

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