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Missha Luminous Color Lipgloss (RD02) – My Favorite, Lipgloss Love at 50% Off

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

I’ve only ever liked and purchased 3 brands of lipgloss in the past 4 years of my rediscovering makeup as a blogger…a total of about 2 or 3 tubes, minimal yes, I know.  That’s because not a lot of high street lipglosses have impressed me since Elianto pulled out of the market.  When I say lipgloss I mean these checkboxes: a wash of translucent noticeable color, high shine/gloss that isn’t sticky & fades away well, sophisticated shimmer if I choose a shimmer, and… important one… desirable scent and taste.  Meet locally available Korean brand Missha and its Luminous Color Lipgloss…check, check, check, double check.  Shining, shimmering, splendid.  Boom.

Missha Luminous Color Lipgloss (RD02) – My Favorite, Lipgloss Love at 50% Off

Missha Luminous Color Lipgloss (RD02) – My Favorite, Lipgloss Love at 50% Off

A major win factor is how pretty the tube is, I love the size and the demi-curve the tube has.  It gives a hint of sophistation that lifts the product.  Last year I got a tiny keychain version of this lipgloss, as in micro mini, in a lighter more nude beige pink shade.  That one mom and I tried and liked to bits and were frustrated that we didn’t know where to get a full size of it at the time.  I was psyched to find the Missha Boutique at SM Pasig Hypermart (near Tiendesitas) yesterday when I met up with my best friend and this cost me Php500, FYI they’re currently 50% off.  The last time I bought an honest to goodness FULL SIZE lipgloss was 3 years ago.  I’m not counting the intense, opaque color lip creams like the NYX Soft Matte lip cream that are like liquid lipsticks, those are different.  Here we’re talking real lipgloss.  Read more to see application and more details.

The first thing mom said when she got back from Jakarta this morning, knowing already via SMS about my buying this Missha gloss, was “You found it!” but I didn’t get her one only because they didn’t have the full size of the one she liked.  I’ll keep an eye out for her though.  For myself, I was happy to  have found a more coral pink shade that just pops and adds pretty without overwhelming the face.  This shade, RD02, looks, smells, and tastes like…I imagine…a pomelo gummi bear, if there ever were one.

Missha Luminous Color Lipgloss (RD02) – My Favorite, Lipgloss Love at 50% Off

Missha Luminous Color Lipgloss (RD02) – My Favorite, Lipgloss Love at 50% Off

Missha Luminous Color Lipgloss (RD02) – My Favorite, Lipgloss Love at 50% Off

You can layer this on and build more color, if I were to add one more layer it would be less translucent.  I hate glosses that appear like nothing on the lips when  they look great in the tube.  I don’t think this has different scents per shade, it just so happens the shade and flavor match for this one.  It really reminds me of pomelo, I was thinking maybe guava, but pomelo has a more similar pink.  It’s a very pretty, yummy, non-sticky gloss with a helping of fine gold sparkle injected into it.  There is a minor thing you have to watch out for, the shimmer can spread if you wipe your mouth after a meal, as it would with almost any lipgloss.  My tip is to wet a paper napkin and wipe your mouth inwards towards the center of the lip instead of outward, then reapply.  Another makeup tip so you don’t worry about the gloss so much is find a lipliner in a similar color to your own lips and line your lip edge with that thickly first, then apply the gloss mostly in the center of the lip avoiding the lip edge, then gently press your lips together to naturally spread the product without using the wand.  This stays on for about 3-4 hours, 4-5 if you don’t eat or drink, which is unlikely.  Missha also has a cheaper range of lipglosses in milky pastel and natural shades without shimmer I think that you may want to check out.  The brand has been available in Manila for 3 years now and I wasn’t completely aware of that.  So totally sucks that I didn’t know but all’s well that ends well, now I do.  Again, this cost me Php500 at 50% off.  They’ve got several branches at the following locations: SM North Edsa – Annex, SM Pasig Center, Glorietta 3, Landmark (kiosk),  Trinoma and Makati.  Follow the Missha Facebook page for more information and updates.


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