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Miracle Monday – Putin Wins with 99.7% of the Vote

Posted on the 05 March 2012 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

That's right, the very place where Putin brutally put down civil unrest and the same place where they still launch terrorist attacks on Russian targets apparently LOVES Putin.  All of Russia "loves" Putin as the former KGB Boss turned Russian Boss sailed to another Presidential victory.  Nationally, Putin scored about 63% of the vote with his worst showing in Moscow, where just 48.7% voted for him but, unlike the US, Russians choose between 5 parties so 48.7% is pretty good while 99.7% is INcredible (as in NOT credible)!

So it's "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" in Russia this morning and before you think "that can't happen here" – perhaps you should consider how our own propaganda networks covered this election.  Here's a video of Fox (of course) showing video of a "violent rally against Putin" complete with fire bombs, riot police, etc.  

Miracle Monday – Putin Wins with 99.7% of the Vote
Only it isn't Russia – it's Greece.  Fox knows their viewers are so gullible, they don't even bother to edit out the Greek letters on the bank in the background because, as any Fox viewer knows – Russian, Greek – all the same nasty unAmerican languages.  

CNN is no better, showing a soccer rally and narrating it as violent protests against Putin (end of same video).  The fact that these deceptions aren't considered major news in THIS country let's you know how dangerously close we are to seeing one of our own candidates getting 99.7% of the vote one day as one group of thugs or another consolidates their hold on our Government and our Media

So happy Monday to you!  It was a pretty boring weekend so not much to report other than the Eurozone PMI fell 2% in February to 49.3 (contracting) while China's Feb Service PMI dropped 9%, into negative territory at 48.4 (contracting).  China also lowered their GDP target by 6%, from 8% to 7.5% as Wen Jiabao says "the nation needs to shift to a more sustainable and efficient economic model."

Miracle Monday – Putin Wins with 99.7% of the Vote
Hmm, China's Premier says their growth is unsustainable – don't worry folks, move along – nothing to see here….  Unwilling to ignore the situation is Credit Suisse's Dong Tao, who says The commodity super-cycle underpinned by China has drawn to a close as Chinese commodity needs have peaked as the nation transitions to domestic…

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