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Meteorite Hits Russia

Posted on the 15 February 2013 by Gerard @presurfer

Meteorite Hits Russian Urals: Fireball Explosion Wreaks Havoc

Around 400 people were injured when a meteorite shot across the sky in central Russia this morning sending fireballs crashing to Earth, smashing windows and setting off car alarms. Residents on their way to work in Chelyabinsk heard what sounded like an explosion, saw a bright light and then felt a shockwave.
The meteorite raced across the horizon, leaving a long white trail in its wake. Car alarms went off, windows shattered and mobile phones worked only intermittently. Chelyabinsk city authorities said around 400 people sought medical help, mainly for light injuries caused by flying glass.

YouTube link
You can see videos of the impact and the damage here.


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