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Men of Quality Respect Women's Equality

Posted on the 15 March 2011 by Danielleb

Men of Quality Respect Women's Equality

Where have you been
all my life, Beardy?

This is an excerpt from "Feminism: The F-bomb that Horrifies Men" by Catherine Ford of Troy Media. It was published on March 13th, 2011.
Want to see apoplexy? Drop an F-bomb into a conversation.
As soon as a woman says she’s a feminist, watch the boy-men and mamma’s boys, the braggarts and blackguards, the weak and the puffed up turn red in the face.
Try it. It’s one of life’s little pleasures if you’re a woman.
It’s also an excellent way to sift the wheat from the chaff in the male gender. Men who are secure in their own selves, men who are grown-ups, men who make the best husbands, boyfriends and just-plain-friends embrace feminism. It frees them to be real people, not the cardboard cutouts of masculinity promoted in action movies and cartoons. "
Read the rest of Ford's article here!

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