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Max & Ruby {The Story Of An Autistic Boy & A Condescending Bitch}

By Thibben @aspieadventures

Max & Ruby {The Story Of An Autistic Boy & A Condescending Bitch}


   I'm saying it! Out loud! Max has autism, Ruby treats him like crap, & I'm pretty sure Mom & Dad are either dead or in rehab!  The show came on in 2002 & that makes Max 9 going on 10 this year at the least. He isn't in therapy but she has time for bunny scouts!?! Come on, the kids is almost non-verbal! Don't you ever let it slip what town you live in Ruby or I'll call DHS on you so fast it will make your whiskers spin!
   We had a birthday party for my youngest two. Their birthday's fall a little over a week apart so we combine them. This year was all about Peter Pan & Ghostbusters!
Max & Ruby {The Story Of An Autistic Boy & A Condescending Bitch}

Max & Ruby {The Story Of An Autistic Boy & A Condescending Bitch}

An Odd Mix But So Are We!!

   Between the fact that we have a pretty good size family & that Zion stole a stack of invitations off the kitchen table stuffing them in his book bag to hand them out to everyone! When he didn't have enough for every single kid in class his teach made copies & handed more out!! Needless to say our car was, just as planned by the two of them I'm sure, loaded down with presents on the way home. All the chaos not only equaled a car full of gifts & a massive bill from the pizza place but it also equaled one way overstimmulated aspie! While I was on pizza serving duty my wife snapped a quick pic that I wanted to share with you. Shortly after it was taken I took him to the side, stood behind him while we watched everyone party with my arm around him, I sqeezed just a bit to hold him steady & he slowly calmed down. I thought I would share the pic though. Thanks for reading! P.S. I'm in a black fleece in the foreground! My biggest fear is never showing you the photos & talking about our life...My biggest fear is that you will assume that my little brother is me holding the phone next to Jayden & you will think I'm chubby! See, we all have our neuroses at time!
Max & Ruby {The Story Of An Autistic Boy & A Condescending Bitch}

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