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Mars Conjunct Pluto on Facies - Acting Without Worrying About the Consequences

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Archer 2

This aspect is active now and effective until 29th November 2012

Mars now is starting to conjunct with the fixed star Facies in Sagittarius, the nebula which represents the penetrating stare of the archer. Nebulae throughout history have been tied to lack of sight and blindness, and Facies seems to impart a type of blindness against the consequences of one's actions. When a planet gets here, it seems to run headlong into situations without fear or regret. I think that Mars, the planet of force and speed is given extra impetus by the conjunction. Mars here is pro-active, brave and reckless, pioneering but possibly foolishly so.

It is interesting that a 140 car pile up occurred in fog on Thanksgiving Day in thick fog in Texas, and this exactly explains what this conjunction on Facies is all about. Running headlong into a situation where you can't see properly, and huge destruction occurs. Pluto also has an underground and secret side to it, so it may be that plans of action in a police or military sense are occurring right now that few people know about. There is also a really dark and sexual nature to this conjunction too. Inhibitions will be let go over the next few days due to this very potent influence in the heavens.

This is a bit of a fearsome combination that can be used just as well for good intentions as for evil ones and if you can harness and control the energy here, you can make huge strides in whatever you are doing. The ruthless edge of this combination can sweep any opposition in your line of fire completely out of the way...

This is a trigger happy combination for sure, so handle this conjunction with great care...

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