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Mapping Routes & Making Plans

By Hikingwithheather @HikingHeather

Mapping Routes & Making Plans

Wausau's Whitewater Park along the Wisconsin River.

I recently let my membership on Match.com expire and had decided that my best bet to finding someone to date, or just making friends in general, would be to get involved in the things I love doing best. 
What better way is there to meet like-minded people than doing activities you already love?!
So I started looking around on Facebook to see what other groups or pages there were for outdoor activities in my area and was disappointed when I found nothing.

Mapping Routes & Making Plans

River Edge Parkway with Rib Mountain in the distance
(ski runs still have snow on them!)

At first I felt defeated. And then I thought... if it doesn't exist yet, why not make it happen myself? Now that I'm not busy dating anyone, I have time to put into creating and managing a FB group and putting together events and activities.
So that's what I did! I started my own group and I guess we'll see what happens.

Mapping Routes & Making Plans

Charlie chased a pair of geese away from the shoreline.

Tonight, Charlie and I mapped out routes for a new dog-walking meet-up as one of the first events for the FB group. I'm using the "Map My Dog Walk" app and loving it. 
Mapping Routes & Making Plans

We mapped out two different segments of the River Edge Parkway along Wausau's East Side... one for a short morning walk and another for a little longer evening walk. We'll then alternate days for mornings and evenings so anyone who is interested can find a time that'll work for them.

Mapping Routes & Making Plans

One of the bridges on Fern Island.

The river is still really high from spring rains and has obviously flooded the path in several areas, but by the time the meet-up starts next week, everything will be accessible again.
I'm really excited to hopefully meet new people and connect on a regular basis with my current dog-walking friends!

Mapping Routes & Making Plans

River is still pretty high from spring rains.

Mapping Routes & Making Plans

Debris on the trail from recent flooding on the Wisconsin River.

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