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Mama's Not in Rehab

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor
Do you have a muse? You know someone who inspires you to go that extra level?
Well, my husband is the that person. I know I've said many times here about how after I got married he inspired me to get in the kitchen- because he wasn't going to! He was honest when I made some messed up "food", is willing to try meals/ingredients he can't spell or never heard, just supportive and a huge confidence boost for me. I've been in a confidence funk and with everything going on, I needed a break.
I don't blog everything I cook and bake, if I did I would never spend time with my family. In fact, there are days where I bake or cook and take photos of everything but never publish a post.  During this time, I cooked and baked so much. I was surprised the husband could fit into his uniform! Maybe subconsciously I was trying to fatten him so he couldn't go haha. But friends, I cooked up a storm. I made Thanksgiving look like a snack. As I was packing my husband's snack- homemade brioche loaves, Homemade Chicken Burgers (made my own spice blend), and Peanut Butter Heath Bits Cookies, it hit me pretty hard. He's left before and I cried...but this time I was  Florida Evans mad. Must have to do with having 3 young children who miss him dearly, the lack of quality time we were able to spend with one another prior. Who knows. On top of the husband leaving- we were incredibly unlucky from February 11th on. It felt as if someone put a hex on us! We got through it and learned so much from it. I am almost happy it happened, and know I will do everything I can to keep it from happening ever again.
During the last day of the hellish month of February, my lenses broke, yes plural (only have my telephoto lens which is not good for food flicks), so I am going shopping tomorrow. Plus my eldest son made a dinner request that I've been wanting to do for a while. To be exact he said, I want chicken, broccoli, waffles, rice in a OK. Guess what's coming out of that ;)
Plus my little Ninja turns the big TWO this month. He started the terrible twos at 9 months, and we are hoping it will end soon hehe. Anyway, I have a great cake in mind for him and  am planning a Peppa Pig/ Toy Story Party for him at his favorite place! Peppa Pig and Toy Story? A lil ghetto because I could only find some pieces of each hehe ;) He loves both at the moment so why not? Can you guess what's on his face? It's the star ingredient of his cake ;) I may regret this a few days after....

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