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Making Summer Travel Plans

By Travelersmind
The thaw of winter is still in effect, with little promise for a warm up any time soon, and yet I am already preparing myself for summer. This past week was packed with much freelance writing and travel planning, so I apologize for my absence. The good news is that I have officially booked two vacations this summer: one week-long trip with a few friends to Myrtle Beach where we'll be staying in a nice, three bedroom house right near the beach; and a Fourth of July weekend trip to Boston to visit my best friend.

Making Summer Travel Plans

Myrtle Beach.

I always get excited for summer trips far in advance, and I find myself planning daily excursions, restaurant options, and recreational activities months before I actually need to. But half the fun of summer vacation is preparing for it, researching the area, learning about the best places to visit, the signature dish I just have to try, and all the exciting things I'll get to do. I even go as far as planning my outfits--but that's mostly to help myself pack more efficiently.
I have never been to Myrtle Beach, and it has been over a decade since I have been back to South Carolina. (My family used to vacation in Hilton Head every year during spring break.) Needless to say, I am extremely excited to go on this trip. Not only is it a brand new place to explore, but it is an opportunity to relax and spend time with my good friends from Milwaukee who I do not get to see on a regular basis. Plus, it will be a nice break from everything going on in my life--work, work and more work. My week in Myrtle Beach will be a welcome escape from it all, a chance to hit the refresh button.
Making Summer Travel Plans
While I have visited Boston once before, it was during the cold month of October, and the weather was not always the best. However, it was a real treat to see the leaves changing in Boston Common, certainly an experience I can check off my bucket list. What really excites me about this trip, apart from seeing me best friend, is that I will be celebrating our nation's birthday in one of the oldest cities in the country, the place where the revolution began, where our freedom was fought and won. I must admit I'm a bit of a history nerd, and I love hearing epic stories and interesting facts about landmarks, and let's face it, Boston is rife with them.
As of right now, those are the only two vacations planned for the summer. And while I would love to travel more, I feel those two trips are sufficient enough. One long relaxing week on the beach, and one quick weekend jam packed with barbecues, fireworks and loads of history. Sounds perfect to me.
I will keep you posted on whether any more trips are in the works. And expect exciting blogs about my summer trips when I return.

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