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Make Your Own Chopstick Hairpiece

By Partycraftsecrets
Make Your Own Chopstick HairpieceIt's no secret that I love getting ideas from other people, which is why today, while I was going through my Easter emails and blog comments I was thrilled to see a simple but clever idea on my decorated chopsticks post; use them as a hair decoration!
I instantly ran to get my hand-painted chopsticks, snapped them in half and popped them in my hair - yay... they're still in my bun... and yes... it is really hard to get a good photograph of the back of your own head!
Note - you do have to be gentle when pulling the two chopsticks apart, as thick house paint can be sort of stretchy, and you want the break to be as neat as possible.  Of course, if your chopsticks were separate to begin with you won't have this issue.  Strangely, I like the 'worn' look of the broken paint job... it makes the chopsticks appear almost vintage... ok perhaps that's a stretch, but you'll just have to believe me; they look good.
Thanks to everyone who wrote to me while I was away, commented, emailed, thanked me for your newsletters and so on; I'm working my way through all your messages, and hope to get back to each of you shortly.  Lastly; thanks to Ode To Inspiration, one of my favorite blogs, for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award - yay - I love it when you love me - tee hee! xMake Your Own Chopstick Hairpiece

Make Your Own Chopstick Hairpiece
Make Your Own Chopstick Hairpiece

Make Your Own Chopstick Hairpiece

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