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Make Your Mark– Intresting Guestbook Ideas For Your Big Day

By Artsyweddingblog @alicepub

So many guests and even more ways to have them leave behind their own personal marks after having attended your big day! More often than not, guests would sign their names in a guestbook and perhaps even leave behind some well wishes for the bride and groom. While this method gifts the newly-wed couple a unique wedding memory when reminiscing about their wedding day, these book of signatures and personalized notes often end up on the shelves and sometimes even lay forgotten long after the wedding is over. If you’re looking to immortalize the presence of your guests in a more prominent and unforgettable way then read on and be inspired!

Make Your Mark– Intresting Guestbook Ideas For Your Big Day

Have your guests get their fingers or even hands in a mess by having them make thumbprints or even handprints on sheets of paper. These prints can be fashioned in tons of creative ways such as the shape of a tree; have the tree trunk and branches drawn or painted before hand and let your guests make their marks to form a unique tree collage made out of thumbprint- or handprint-leaves. There are of course many other things that you can have your guests construct with their thumb or hand prints and some of them are readily available around you in the form of nature. If you want to take things up a notch then give your guests full creative reigns by handing them an ink pad for their thumbprints and a set of markers for them to make out whatever they wish to out of those prints. Additionally, opt to have these prints done on sheets of paper or even a single sheet of extra large paper so that you can frame this unique masterpiece up in your new home. Just be sure to have some wet wipes at the booth so that your guests can their fingers or hands cleared of ink once they’re done!

Make Your Mark– Intresting Guestbook Ideas For Your Big Day

However, if you’re worried that your guests might not be too keen on the idea of possibly staining their outfits by accident with their ink-stained fingers, then turn back to the trusty markers and pens and have them sign plates or platters. Most of these guestbook plate and platters don’t even cost a bomb and you can get them practically anywhere. If you’d like to add your own touch to your own special plate, once you’ve found it, then have a little cartoon painting of you and your other half done on the plate and have guests autograph around the drawing. Serving as a unique way to replace the common practice of wedding guestbooks, the guestbook plate or platter also acts as a decorative art deco-piece that you can incorporate on bookshelves or atop fireplaces. By ensuring the markers are of course permanent and waterproof, and popping the plates into yourown oven at 300 degrees for about 30 minutes, you can even use these mementos as dining plates.

Make Your Mark– Intresting Guestbook Ideas For Your Big DayMake Your Mark– Intresting Guestbook Ideas For Your Big Day

Photographs of your guests can also provide for a wide array of unique wedding memories. Aside from having guests taking absolutely wacky photos that embody their different and unique personalities in a photobooth, why not have these photos printed into passport sized ones and piece them together into a mosaic. By printing them in a the different color tones – sepia, black and white, or color – the mosaic portraits you can create are endless, especially if you have a natural flair for the arts. Quilts are also another great product that come about from putting together photos of your guests. With such advancements in technology, printing on cloth has become a possibility in practically all photo shops. Have these picture-fabrics sewn together to create a quilt that you can frame up or even use when you’ve had your first born.

Make Your Mark– Intresting Guestbook Ideas For Your Big DayMake Your Mark– Intresting Guestbook Ideas For Your Big Day

There are plenty of exciting ways to have your guests make their mark and the above are just some to name a few. Creativity knows no limits so look around and you might just be surprised by the ideas you can come up with some signatures, markers, color and maybe even some photographs!

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