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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Prank Call A Woman Trying To Sell Her Tickets On Craigslist

By Ceboscuit


Grade A stuff right here.  Basically I’m just jealous that I’m not a multi-millionaire who can spend my time thinking about ridiculous things to do with the free time that I have.  This chick probably was freaked out after the fact, but I guarantee now she wishes she hadn’t written Macklemore off from the jump.  This is what I want to do with my life, though, figure out ridiculous things to do and put them on the internet for people to laugh at.  Dream job material right there.

P.S.  $100/ $150 for all 4 tickets is about as low ball an offer as you can go.  $200 and she may have at least been interested.  Too low and you lose seller immediately. 

P.P.S.  I’m not the least bit mad that Ryan Lewis spent the entire time sipping from a Jameson bottle.  In fact, if anything, it made me want to do the same thing immediately.  


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