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Love Affair with a Saree

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
Known as the longest piece of clothing that can be worn without a single stitch, a Saree has become a symbol of Indian woman across the globe. In today's fast blending culture, as Indians move towards more practical every day wear, Saree still remains a go-to attire for all events formal and semi-formal.
Every woman in India, has a basic plain Saree with a simple border. In case you do not, ask your I am 100% sure they would own one. I shall style such a Saree today, and make it stand out for a variety of occasions.
Look One

Love affair with a Saree

Depending on the color of your saree, pick any other color to go with it. I picked hot pink to go with peach because this is my favorite combination of all times. Blue and Green (like the peacock), Turquoise and Brown, Yellow and Purple are some alternative color combos you could experiment with. Basically, pick a color different from your saree as a theme, and use it in everything - your jewellery, accessories, nail paint.

Look Two

Love affair with a Saree

The most important piece of this look is One Statement piece. It could be a necklace, a waist belt, or like I have picked a clutch. Style all other jewelry around this main item and you are sure to make heads turn.

Look Three

Love affair with a Saree

In case it is an occasion you wish to play safe on, the conventional look can never disappoint. Pick either gold or silver (depending  on whether any of these two hues are present in the saree). In case there is neither, pick the one which looks more in tune with your saree's base color. Use different pieces in same (or similar) color. The one-set look with same earrings-necklace-ring is extinct with the dino's, and is a total No.

 Look Four

Love affair with a Saree

Best for day events, this is an easy-breezy look when you wish to stand out, by blending in colors in one look. No piece is big enough to attract attention, and the look is minimalistic, yet classy.

Look Five

Love affair with a Saree

If drama is what you like, this is your look. Big chunky pieces in contrast colors, each breathing a life of its own. Word of caution - This look may need a lot of panache to carry.

Look Sixx

Love affair with a Saree

 Best for those who love to experiment, this look may need some thought to create from your existing jewelry. Pick the pieces you like and connect them in color or style. For example, here, both the cuff and the clutch have hues of peach or orange (which goes with the saree). The blues in each of these pieces are connected to other jewelry (ring, earrings).

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